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Computer-aided design (CAD)

What is the Role of the Architect?

The general understanding of the role of the architect is that he creates architecture, but that is not enough. This role requires much more. He must be good in technology; to have a vision and to create a business strategy; to be a good organizer, listener and an excellent time manager; a good consultant and a motivating leader…Yes, people have big expectations of the architect. It’s not only the CAD drawings, as you can see. Experience has an influence on all of these areas but the success of the architect role depends on skills and personal characteristics. We can only work on our skills to be better.


Top CAD Software for CAD Designers

Today, CAD Software has become an essential part of CAD design business. There are a lots of programs that CAD designers and architects are using for doing their job. Our teams use all of these programs including Z-brush, Photoshop, and Adobe Premiere. The most of it depends from our client’s needs and the complexity of the project. They are the most used programs all over the world, so we are trying to follow the trends. In this article, in short words, we are presenting all of the popular programs: