Computer-Aided Design (CAD)

Computer-aided design (CAD) for telecommunications and other industries

Our team is currently engaged in producing structural CAD drawings for telecommunications site design as part of the Site Acquisition Environment and Design (SAED) process. We create and upgrade CAD drawings for our clients and produce site drawings to meet customer requirements. Our designers are familiar with the complicated animations and are capable of drawing surfaces that are required in order to meet every single project requirement.

We also provide BIM documentation, diagrams & photorealistic renderings that extend the concept of an ordinary visual tool into an intelligent, multi-media product that will help your projects at every step of the development process, from concept design through to construction. BIM Services strategic approach aligns the projects scope, cost and schedule with the client’s to achieve project success.

Our CAD design team is responsible for:

  • A high level of experience in the telecommunications industry
  • Sound knowledge of telecommunications site design principles (site layout and design)
  • Strong analytical and problem solving abilities.