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Top CAD Software for CAD Designers

Today, CAD Software has become an essential part of CAD design business. There are a lots of programs that CAD designers and architects are using for doing their job. Our teams use all of these programs including Z-brush, Photoshop, and Adobe Premiere. The most of it depends from our client’s needs and the complexity of the project. They are the most used programs all over the world, so we are trying to follow the trends. In this article, in short words, we are presenting all of the popular programs:




This software is created mainly for architects, focusing on their needs. Main advantages are a large library of BIM components and allowing to see changes made in 2D Format instantly and in 3D Model. It`s quick and simple to use and it`s great for creating technical drawings. Otherwise, it is expensive and there are lack of single key commands.



This is the most popular CAD software used by CAD designers. A lot of patience and determination are necessary, but at the end the award it’s producing very realistic renderings. You can create very detailed and sophisticated drawings and it is easy for 3D visualization and animation. This software is complicated and difficult for new users and it is expensive.


Autodesk 3Ds Max

With this software you can create 3D models and animations. It is used for rendering, simulation and visualization purposes. Large variety of available tools is the main advantage. It can be quite slow and poorly compatible with other modeling software.


Autodesk Revit

Special program where architects can design a building and its components in 3D. With this program you can understand the architectural structure of the building and you can create plans, elevations and sections. Like all other Autodesk programs, it is an expensive program and requires a lot of time for learning.


In conclusion, even if there are debatable issues about architectural software quality and user-friendliness, it just doesn’t make sense to me, to use anything other than AutoDesk’s products. Please share your experience if you have worked in some of these programs. Which one you preferred the most? Which one do you use often?


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