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How a good CAD Design can add a value to your property?

Engaging an Architect maybe is considered as a luxury, but when you are thinking about renovation or building from scratch an architect can add value to your property and even save you money. An architect can add value at four stages in the building process, including the first stage of Schematic Design, the second stage – Design Development, the third stage – Contract Documentation and the last one – Contract Administration.


1. Schematic Design
This is the beginning of the CAD design process. The concepts are produced and discussed in response to the brief and other relevant factors. Ideas are clarified until a design solution is reached.


2. Design Development
In this stage the design is developed and finer details are resolved, such as preferred construction solutions, building fabric, material selection, colors, interior fittings, finishes, joinery etc. The client needs to give feedback in this stage to ensure that the integration of the vision is maintained. The project is updated to accommodate detailed selections.


3. Contract Documentation
The documentation of the projects is initiated. This includes engaging consultants appropriate to the projects, such as Structural Engineer, Building Surveyor, Energy Consultants etc. The contract documentation includes working drawings and specifications, which are produced for tendering and negotiating with suitable builders.


4. Contract Administration
The building works are overseen and regular site visits and meetings are scheduled. The quality of the work and ongoing payment claims are evaluated by the architect in accordance with the building contract. He will provide advice and recommendations to the client and oversee the work.


Architects are creative people and good art problem solving. They can present options you might not have considered, to give the building style that you want and to solve problems of space and function.


An architect can help you no matter what your budget is. He can help you to achieve the best design for your money and to avoid costly mistakes. Using an architect can maximize your budget and open up new possibilities. The cost will vary depending on who you choose and the type of service you need.
The architect`s eye can be useful, even on the smallest projects, because a good CAD design adds value. If you are interested in Sydney CAD Designs, you can check our portfolio or contact us for more information.