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Cadonia Australia designs the new front grille for Tesla Model 3

The front grille of a car is an important design element and no matter whether it is small or big, the design of the grille needs to display a sense of art, intention and imagination. When Elon Musk recently took the wraps off, the design team at Cadonia Australia created a couple of interesting concepts to reflect how the new model would look with the addition of a front grille.


Women in Architecture

Although the number of women and men who are entering and graduating from architecture schools is positively equal, the distinction between genders in practice is causing a strong perception of gender-based diversity.


We surely can say that today there are numerous exceptional and successful women working in the field of the architecture in Australia. The bad news is the existence of striking scarcity of women in the architecture practice. There is evidence of gender based pay inequality and further, female architects are more represented like part-time workers.


Cadonia Australia to project manage tenders for additions to Harry Seidler designed building

In recent months Cadonia Australia has been working on the design and council approval for the addition of covered walkways on a Harry Seidler designed building in the Sydney suburb of Edgecliff.


Harry Seidler is an icon of Australian architecture and often credited with bringing modernism to Australia. He is best known for changing the skyline of Sydney’s CBD and contributing useable, public spaces to the city. Australia Square (1961), the world’s tallest light-weight concrete building at the time, is a case in point. For more than 50 years, Seidler produced distinctive, bold modern architecture, including houses, apartments, offices and embassies—in Australia and internationally. The 8 x 3 bedroom residential apartment block was originally designed in 1966 by the acclaimed Australian architect Harry Seidler (1923–2006).